viernes, 8 de abril de 2016

TOYOTA SETSUNA + Más madera!!!

Toyota Setsuna concept car was designed in wood to highlight the affection owners develop for family vehicles over time, which is in contrast to the more disposable nature of digital devices.
"Wood was chosen as the primary material for Setsuna's construction to express the idea that love grows as time passes," said the Japanese auto brand in a statement. "Wood changes in colour and feel in direct response to the love and care shown to it."
"As Setsuna is passed from generation to generation, the physical changes in its wooden bodywork reflect the bond it has built with its owners and their shared experiences."
Toyota said that the Setsuna is not a piece of furniture, it is a fully functional vehicle. However it isn't road legal.
Japanese cedar forms the exterior panels due to its flexibility and distinctive grain, while Japanese birch is used for the vehicle's frame, thanks to its rigidity.
Each section of the car is joined using traditional Japanese joinery techniques, according to the manufacturer. These include "okuriari", a type of dovetail joint, and "kusabi", a mortise and tenon joint.
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