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BMW Art Car + Esther Mahlangu

 The 12th Art Car was the first to have been signed by a woman. This is not the only fact that makes this BMW 525i so special. The South African artist Esther Mahlangu coated the bodywork of the car with the bright colors and clearly distinguishable ornamental shapes typical of her ethnic tribal Ndebele art. The ancient African art could not provide a more striking contrast to such a top-end, high speed, high-tech model capable of reaching 225 km/h. Esther was delighted that the Art Car managed to help introduce her tribal art to such a broad audience.

Born in the Middleburg district in the Transvaal province of South Africa in 1936, Esther Mahlangu learned traditional Ndebele painting from her mother. One of the many tribal art forms found in South Africa, the striking and instantly recognizable Ndebele mural painting of huts, undertaken only by the women of the tribe, is well known in the country of her birth. Each pattern has a significance and meaning, much of which has been lost in the mists of time.
Esther Mahlangu is recognized as a leading exponent of this art form in South Africa and she is now permanently attached to the Botshabelo Outdoor Museum near her birthplace. Recently she has made the transition from exclusively mural painting to working on canvas. She has exhibited her work throughout South Africa and recently gained international recognition when she was asked to exhibit in Paris. Esther bears with pride a responsibility for perpetuating a tribal art form of striking intensity and her own daughter is being trained to carry on the tradition.

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The Millionaire Pitcher that Lives in a Van

Daniel Norris signed a bonus worth just over $2 million to join the
Blue Jays organization out of high school. While life on the road
becomes normal for any pro athlete, the 21-year-old takes things to
the next level by spending his summers living in a Volkswagen camper van. VICE Sports traveled down to Blue Jays Spring Training to meet one of the sport's top pitching prospects.

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Jim Clark, Team Lotus
International 500 Mile Sweepstakes - 1965

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"Whait a minute doc. Are you telling me that you built a time machine, out of a DeLorean?"

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Chris Dorley-Brown + "Drivers in the 1980's"

Chris Dorley-Brown spent two summers in the mid 1980s photographing drivers stuck in traffic jams in and around East London. This series was his first on colour film and was created when he intended to document the privitisation of Rolls Royce but instead became fascinated by the faces in the traffic caused by the sell-off in the city. The cars, colours, haircuts and expressions of frustration capture the mood and tone of a unique era in Thatcher's Britain.
The images, all shot on film of course, have aged like a fine wine and are now ready to be consumed by the discerning connoisseur.  
‘Drivers In The 1980s’ by Chris Dorley-Brown. 96pp hardcover, gold foiled,145 x 205mm
via: http://www.hoxtonminipress.com/products/drivers-in-the-1980s-photo-book-6 

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ALEXANDRA LIER + "The World's Fastest Place"

"The World's Fastest Place" is Alexandra Lier's tribute to the vanishing era of internal combustion and fossil fuel racing. These are portraits of a generation of Speedseekers who cherish the smell of gasoline and oil like the very air we breathe; people whose sense of purpose is tied to the creation of record setting vehicles.
They are powered by absolute devotion, friendship, and the ambition to win—from the first turn of the wrench all the way to the starting line at Bonneville.
Alexandra Lier's obsession with fast cars, customs, racing and its attendant culture began back in 1999 when she first visited Bonneville for Speedweek. Every year she travels to at least one landspeed racing event, camera in hand, to document the people and the cars. Back home in Hamburg she keeps the flame alive every time she fires up her 1967, V-8 powered, Plymouth Barracuda.

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