viernes, 29 de marzo de 2013

HALSBER by LOEWE + HULSTER 8 Valves by Stellan Egeland

This is the Loewe's advertsiment from the last Christmas,...you can read "Halsber" on the tank.
Esta es la imagen de Loewe de las ultimas Navidades,...donde puedes leer "Haslber" en el deposito.

and this other bike is a HULSTER 8 Valves designed by Stellan Egeland,
...in fact they are the same bike but with different names. You can research more about the designer Stellan Egeland in his web:

y esta otra moto es una HULSTER 8 Valves diseñada por Stellan Egeland,
...en efecto las dos son la misma moto pero con diferentes nombres. Para conocer mas a su diseñador puedes visitar esta pagina:

Text from his web:
Hulster 8 valve is the result of 8 months hard overtime work.
The bottomend of the engine is knucklehead and the entire topend is homemade.
The cylinders are cast in bronze and the heads in aluminum.
The cylinderheads are of the semiradial type where no less than three
exhaust rockers are needed to operate the valves that points 45 degrees
away from eachother, the intake valves are inline.
Engine and transmission mount are incorporated in the oiltank that
goes all the way under the the engine.
The front end has adjustable spring tension and rebound springs.
Moldings and paintjob by Ray Hill.

jueves, 28 de marzo de 2013

HONDA + Elsa Martinelli

Champs Elysees, traffic led by actress Elsa Martinelli on motorbike.
Campos Eliseos, el trafico es guiado por la actriz Elsa Martinelli conduciendo una mini-moto.


Pipe Smoking man in a Plymouth Barracuda waiting for woman shopping in a co-op supermarket.
Photo by Henk Hilterman, 1969

LE MANS + JAGUAR + Michael 'Mike' Hawthorn

This is a very exclusive on-board video of a preview lap of Lemans 1957 driven ánd commented by Mike Hawthorn in a Jaguar. John Michael 'Mike' Hawthorn, was the Lemans winner of 1956. 

Se trata de la presentacion  de una vuelta al circuito de Lemans en 1957, con las camaras a bordo de un Jaguar pilotado y comentado por Mike Hawthorn. John "Mike" Hawthorn fue el ganador de Lemans en 1956.

miércoles, 27 de marzo de 2013


CHINGON Cantina y Taqueria es un restaurante Mejicano en Richmond, Australia.
Pero no solo sus sabrosos tacos han convertido al Chingon en un sitio de referencia,....o si no mira estas fotos y piensa en cuantos restaurantes has encontrado un Lincoln Continental del 68!!!

CHINGON Cantina y Taqueria is a Mexican restaurant in Richmond, Australia.
They has made a name in Richmond with their tasty tacos, but one of the most amazing thing you can find in Chingon, is a Lincoln Continental from 1968.

Y para la comida callejera,..esta elegante caravana:
and for the streets,...the coolest food truck:

jueves, 21 de marzo de 2013

FIAT 127 + Pio Manzù

Designed according to the stylistic canons of the 1970s, the resurrection of Pio Manzù’s Fiat 127 is quite risky: the original model was one of the first truly innovative cars of the 70s designed to be rational in style with clean volumes and pure, simple lines. 
The danger of creating a car already seasoned at birth, as it were, with an imperceptible nostalgic effect is that it may not be particularly attractive. with this being said, designer david obendorfer tries to unite the past and future in one car of updated proportions and boasting with the unique combination forms influened by the model launched in 1971 with high-tech solutions such as a multifunctional touch screen in the center of the dashboard.
 Enlarged in size compared to the original model, the Fiat 127 concept is based on the fiat punto-alfa mito platform. 
the minimalist interior follows the same rational concept featuring nostalgic elements that give a strong personality to the dashboard. the circular vents in the center, the chrome handles and the design of the two-spoke steering wheel are clear references to the first 127 model.

Pio Manzù

lunes, 18 de marzo de 2013

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