domingo, 31 de julio de 2011

Damian Ortega + VESPA "Miracolo Italiano"

Damian Ortega, mexican artist well known by his work "cosmic thing" about of disassembled a Volkswagen Beetle car and re-composed it piece by piece. You can check it in this post:
"Miracolo Italiano" (2005), another work of Ortega reminds "Cosmic Thing" but this time the vehicle is a Vespa PX,...really there are three Vespas that explain the process of "explode" the bike and hang his pieces from the ceiling.

Damian Ortega, artista mexicano muy conocido por su obra "Cosmic Thing" en la que desmontaba un automóvil Volkswagen Beetle y lo recomponia pieza por pieza. Puedes comprobarlo en este post:
"Milagro Italiano" (2005), otra obra de Ortega recuerda "Cosmic Thing", pero esta vez el vehículo es una Vespa PX, ... en realidad hay tres Vespas que explican el proceso de "explotar" la moto y colgar sus piezas de el techo.

sábado, 30 de julio de 2011

El Mirage 2011

via: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_xX8FAzMSUM&feature=related

"My name is Brandon Schrichten and have been some what of a film maker since my early teens. I have been a part of Scott Toepfer's photo journal project, "It's Better in the Wind" since the beginning. His enthusiasm, and creative drive for his project, sparked something in me as well. I realized the opportunity to start documenting our rides would help give me a whole new prospective on the riding experience. Through the years, I lived in California and went on almost every single ride and did what I could to capture the moment. Meanwhile, Scott's project was taking off and the success of his vision made my projects get noticed. I have never been a self promoter and have always made my videos just for our friends to see, but it seems like other people started to take a liking.
In the recent months, I moved to Colorado, away from all my friends and family. That meant no more fun rides every day in beautiful California. Scott has been working on a film to go with his photo journal project and this El Mirage trip was supposed to be the closing chapter on his project. I couldn't wait for this trip and wasn't going to miss it for the world. With the weather against us with rain, sleet, snow, and a tornado warning, I shoveled a path in the snow so I can load the bikes in the truck and drove off into the snow filled Rocky Mountains. Two days of solid driving and my soul was rejuvenated when I saw my friends. I have the best group of friends a guy could have and they are the life of any event.
I went months without being able to work on a video project because I was trying to get settled in my new home and was itching for a new project. Even though I knew Scott was out there filming for his project, I wanted to gather my own footage for my project and memories. Making this video has done nothing but help me relive the best trip I have ever been on. Every clip has a story behind it and I get to relive it through this video. I am glad that everyone else has taken a liking to this video and even though it was a video to be shared amongst my friends, I am glad it has taken a liking among the public. I am so blessed in all that life has given and there is one thing I am extremely grateful for is the absolute time of my life I get to share with my friends. Thanks again for all the support!"


Seat 850 Especial

jueves, 28 de julio de 2011

"BUGSTER" = PORSCHE Boxster S + VW Beetle

What do you get when you mix a 2000 Porsche Boxster S with a 1973 Volkswagen Beetle? The Bugster 9:03, a custom Porsche-powered Beetle created by Siegfried Rudolf, owner of Austrian Porsche restoration company Carmaxx Classics.
After two years of chopping and welding, Rudolf and company had a complete vehicle that is road-legal and registered. The car packs the Boxster S’s 3.2-liter flat-six engine and six-speed transmission beneath the old-school bodywork. The engine scores a new exhaust and reprogrammed computer, bringing output to 270 horsepower. Because the whole Bugster weighs a scant 2416 pounds, Carmaxx says the 0-to-62-mph run takes just five seconds. Talk about a sleeper!
The creators also wanted to retain the Boxster’s handling prowess, so the Bugster rides on adjustable suspension components, as well as the original Porsche steering gear, brakes, and 18-inch wheels. Even more amazing is the fact that the Bugster now boasts ABS, stability control, and airbags — all features yet to be invented when the donor Bug was built.
The resultant car is almost the inverse of the 1970s Porsche 914. That car employed a Volkswagen engine in a Porsche body and chassis, whereas the Bugster packs modern Porsche components inside an original, air-cooled Beetle.
The Bugster was born when Rudolf saw a Boxster parked next to a Beetle and noticed the similarities in the cars’ overall shapes and wheelbases. Not content to build one copy, Carmaxx says it is now accepting orders for customer versions of the Bugster. For the truly brave, they’ll even swap in running gear from the Porsche 911 GT3. Yikes.

source: http://bugster.at/default_new.html

miércoles, 27 de julio de 2011

LAURENT NIVALLE + Le Mans 2010 + Color

...more fantastic pics from Laurent Nivelle, now full of color!!
serie of classic Le Mans 2011

You can check you web here:


...más fotos fantasticas, ahora en color!!

martes, 26 de julio de 2011

LAURENT NIVALLE + Le Mans 2010 + B&W

Stunning work of this French Photograher
Black&White serie of classic Le Mans 2011
You can check you web here:


Impresionante el trabajo de este fotografo Francés
Serie de Fotos en blanco y negro de los clasicos de Le Mans 2011
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