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VACAS METALICAS de Miina Äkkijyrkkä = Liina Lång

Miina Äkkijyrkkä = Liina Lång + METALLIC COWS = Vacas Metalicas

Miina Äkkijyrkkä aka Liina Lång (born July 2, 1949 in Iisalmi, Finland) is a Finnish artist. She is known for her paintings, drawings and sculptures. She is also a protector of Finncattle, the native Finnish dairy breed. She is known for her disdain for mainstream culture, and her actions have aroused controversy.

Miina Äkkijyrkkä también conocida como Liina Lång, es una escultora finesa, nacida el 2 de julio de 1949 en Iisalmi. Ella es también protectora de las Finncattle, la raza autóctona de vacas lecheras de su país. Entre sus esculturas más destacadas se encuentran aquellas que reproducen la figura de animales a partir de piezas de coche reutilizadas y ensambladas. Nunca ha seguido la corriente principal y sus extrañas y valientes acciones han suscitado una gran controversia



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text from his website:

"Ugly Moto brings you a series of Moto Fan Art by Francis Ooi. It is a homage to the great motorcycles of the past and the men who built and raced them.

Francis, a Singapore-based creative director for an ad agency by day, turns into a digital artist by night. Each of the illustrations is done on his MacBook Pro, and it takes more than a month to complete. It is a meticulous and time-consuming process. Each illustration has over 800 components and layers put together....."


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RICHARD KELLY + "A Decade In The Grand Prix Pit Lane"

"RICHARD KELLEY - WAITING: A Decade of Life in the Grand Prix Pit Lane"
by Silly Thing

A Decade of Life in the Grand Prix Pit Lane brings together a selection of rare, never-beforeseen
portraits and moments by historic Formula One photographer Richard Kelley. This iconic
collection documents the humanity behind some of the most legendary drivers of our era, a memento
of the world’s greatest race.

 To see more pictures visit Richard Kelly's website:

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