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It's undoubtedly the world's easiest engine to work on.
Although it may be years before you fing out.

Esta claro que es el motor mas facil para trabajar en él,
aunque pueden psar años antes de que lo averigues.

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ROLLS ROYCE + Allen Toussaint

ROLLS ROYCE + Allen Toussaint
Allen Toussaint Musician and Songwriter “I still enjoy my 1974 Silver Shadow Rolls Royce as much as I did the day I acquired it. I decided to purchase this beautiful car after having a love affair with Cadillacs for several years. Most of my life is spent indoors, whether it’s in the studio waiting for the red light or writing at home, so when I do venture into the outdoors, amongst the living, it is quite pleasurable and gratifying to step into such a smooth and exquisite vehicle to cruise the streets of my beloved New Orleans. I am indeed a blessed man!”

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