martes, 9 de agosto de 2011


RENAULT 4EVER is a competition, which asked participants to redesign the renault 4 with an eye towards historical lineage, contemporary aesthetics, and sustainable design.

Here, you can see three proporsals

'revival of a childhood impression' is a redesign concept by italian designer david obendorfer.
the proposal maintains the classic model's spirit of simplicity and functionality, but adds modern updates to its body and interior, such as LCD information systems as well as options for hybrid or electric power.

'renault 4Lectric' concept vehicle by french designer charlie nghiem uses solar power to fuel both itself and its community.

'r4 people' is a concept car by argentinan designer sebastian pablo salanova which aims to integrate the essence of renault's original design with sustainable economy. with the premise of creating an inclusive and accessible vehicle, this proposal includes both hatchback and van styles that can be used in diverse contexts.

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