miércoles, 16 de marzo de 2016

Chris Dorley-Brown + "Drivers in the 1980's"

Chris Dorley-Brown spent two summers in the mid 1980s photographing drivers stuck in traffic jams in and around East London. This series was his first on colour film and was created when he intended to document the privitisation of Rolls Royce but instead became fascinated by the faces in the traffic caused by the sell-off in the city. The cars, colours, haircuts and expressions of frustration capture the mood and tone of a unique era in Thatcher's Britain.
The images, all shot on film of course, have aged like a fine wine and are now ready to be consumed by the discerning connoisseur.  
‘Drivers In The 1980s’ by Chris Dorley-Brown. 96pp hardcover, gold foiled,145 x 205mm
via: http://www.hoxtonminipress.com/products/drivers-in-the-1980s-photo-book-6 

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