lunes, 16 de febrero de 2015

GEORGE TICE + Urban Landscapes

George Tice (1938) is an American photographer best known for his large-format black-and-white photographs of New Jersey, New York, and the Amish.[1] Tice was born in Newark, New Jersey, and self-trained as a photographer. His work is included in major museum collections around the world and he has published many books of photographs, including Fields of Peace: A Pennsylvania German Album (1970), Paterson, New Jersey (1972), Seacoast Maine: People and Places (1973), Urban Landscapes: A New Jersey Portrait (1975), "Lincoln" (1984),Hometowns: An American Pilgrimage (1988), "Urban Landscapes" (2002), "Paterson II" (2006), "Urban Romantic" (1982), and "George Tice: Selected Photographs 1953-1999" (2001).


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