lunes, 12 de mayo de 2014


 The car itself was originally designed to star alongside Jack Nicholson in a 1968 counter-culture, acid-themed road movie called Psych-Out in which Jack’s character was called Stoney.
You get the picture. Unfortunately for VOX all the scenes in which the car featured were left forlornly on the cutting-room floor and the very thing it was designed for it never managed to achieve.

Despite its relative failure to cement a place in movie history it was still well-designed as a rolling promotional advert for VOX with guitar racks, a keyboard, twelve speakers and a working amplifier (of course). For the car fanatics amongst you it had a big old 275 bhp motor from an AC Cobra and by all accounts was capable of 175 mph. Not that we’d fancy hurtling along at 175 mph in a mobile guitar you understand but each to their own.

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