miércoles, 24 de abril de 2013

Honda CB750F2 + Left Hand Cycles

It's the Honda CB750F2  "LHC # 2", by Left Hand Cycles,
they are  Craft-Bike-Men from Netherland and we like their style!!!

Es una Honda CB750F2 llamada LHC#2 creada por  Left Hand Cycles,
Ellos vienen desde Holanda y son constructores de motos y bicis como esta,....que nos gusta mucho!!

Text from the web:
LHC was founded in the dark winter of 2011 by Richard and Lex. We like to share our common passion for motorcycles,bicycles,music and lifestyle. Inspired by caferacing and motorcycles from the seventies we create "no nonsense bikes". No mass-production, but one of a kind!!

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