viernes, 29 de marzo de 2013

HALSBER by LOEWE + HULSTER 8 Valves by Stellan Egeland

This is the Loewe's advertsiment from the last Christmas,...you can read "Halsber" on the tank.
Esta es la imagen de Loewe de las ultimas Navidades,...donde puedes leer "Haslber" en el deposito.

and this other bike is a HULSTER 8 Valves designed by Stellan Egeland,
...in fact they are the same bike but with different names. You can research more about the designer Stellan Egeland in his web:

y esta otra moto es una HULSTER 8 Valves diseñada por Stellan Egeland,
...en efecto las dos son la misma moto pero con diferentes nombres. Para conocer mas a su diseñador puedes visitar esta pagina:

Text from his web:
Hulster 8 valve is the result of 8 months hard overtime work.
The bottomend of the engine is knucklehead and the entire topend is homemade.
The cylinders are cast in bronze and the heads in aluminum.
The cylinderheads are of the semiradial type where no less than three
exhaust rockers are needed to operate the valves that points 45 degrees
away from eachother, the intake valves are inline.
Engine and transmission mount are incorporated in the oiltank that
goes all the way under the the engine.
The front end has adjustable spring tension and rebound springs.
Moldings and paintjob by Ray Hill.

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