viernes, 17 de agosto de 2012

JEFF ZWART + Hill Climb Ranch

When you google Jeff Zwart you get a number of results which made it difficult to have a focal point for the interview. Director, Racer, Photographer, Writer & Cameraman all popped up.. Thinking about the feature we were going to do on him, I thought maybe we check out his 770 acre ranch in Marin County and see how it goes.
But before we start the interview, let me tell you how we even got to interview this extraordinary and accomplished individual. My mom called me one day and said her next door neighbor is a mountain car champion and has a lot of porsches and classic cars and that I should meet him being that I was a huge porsche fanatic myself. So a week passes by and we're headed to my parents house for the weekend and as we pull up, we notice this really classic speedster outside and notice a brand new Black/Black 997 GT3 RS in the garage. He is into porsches and as I look a little closer, the 997 GT3 RS was black with black RS livery?!@!?! How is that possible? They only made the Black GT3 RS's in Black with Orange. Little did I know what awesomeness I was getting myself into...
After meeting and a few emails back and forth, Jeff and I agreed to goto his Ranch past the marin border to take photos and shoot the shit. We talked about the things he's done and accomplished after living in Europe as a student. Jeff would goto many F1 races and take photos that would in turn lead to being a journalist for Road and Track in America and foster his passion for racing. Imagine shooting F1 on the weekends sending the film overseas and getting published and paid as a student.

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