miércoles, 20 de junio de 2012

WAGON HERITAGE by Depth os Speed

There is just nothing else that really grabs my attention like a wagon. Gone are the days of the mighty station wagon rumbling across the country National Lampoon style. For a long time there has been a dearth of wagons across the American landscape and it is great to finally see a revival happening along the likes of the CTS-V, TSX, and the upcoming 3-Series wagon.
For myself, there has always been a love of wagons. There is nothing that matches their versatility, especially when it comes to hauling around video equipment. For a long while I was a bit of a Honda Civic Wagon baron and at one point owned 5 of them. In my head also dances the visions of a Swedish turbo brick gracing a garage when I finally have one. So when I came across Duane Schaffer's Datsun wagon I was in love. Stanced out to a nice level, it is great to see this wagon running down the road in all its glory. Cruising around town with the rag-top open is a great experience and is a fun way to enjoy any car let alone a wagon. Pair that with a bagged Toyota Hilux and Duane's garage is one that brings me a tinge of envy.

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