domingo, 27 de mayo de 2012



The unusual suspect: the eighth wonder of the world, a friend, brother and overall rambling man Derek Despain has never been one to settle down. A week of knowing Despain can somewhat be related to the feeling of trying to find a mysteriously lost set of keys within the confines of your own home I know they are here somewhere? Honestly, what could my keys possibly be doing right now? Alright, now, where the fuck are they? Regardless, the past years of acquainting
myself with the guy has been a refreshing experience to say the least. Through a spectrum of highs, lows, different jobs, physical confrontations, women and long nights of boozing, it has always been an seamless idea of calling upon the soft- spoken, yet uniquely dark, humorous vagabond, Despain. As a key family member to the CHAPTER brigade of individuals, we sat down with Despain to criticize his life on a motorcycle and some of his most recent endeavors.

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Anónimo dijo...

Buenos inputs para digerir.
Creo que me apuntaré a la secta de superStrappers, pero por arriba.
I don't wanna loose the campo concept.

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