lunes, 16 de abril de 2012

F1 HEROES by Piotr Buczkowski

Juan Manuel Fangio
Driver from Argentina, who
dominated the first decade
of Formula One racing.

Aryton Senna
Brazilian three-time Formula
One world champion, he is
generally regarded as one of the
greatest F1 drivers to have raced.

Michael Schumacher
He is a seven-time World Champion
and is widely regarded as one of the
greatest F1 drivers of all time.

Piotr Buczkowski es un diseñador grafico con base en Poznań, Polonia.
El trabaja creando imagenes tanto para medios impresos como digitales tocando varias disciplinas como el diseño web, branding, tipografia o ilustracion.

F1 HEROES es su tributo a los pilotos de Formula 1.
Puedes visitar su pagina aqui:

Piotr Buczkowski is a designer based in Poznań, Poland.
He loves to create images for both print and screen media,
and to work across various visual disciplines such as
web-design, branding, typography or illustration.

F1 HEROES is his tribute to F1 drivers.

You can check his web here:

If you want to have F1 Heroes series you can order it here:

North America: (California)

Europe: (Berlin)

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