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HUSQVARNA Svart Pilen & Vit Pilen + KISKA design

 source: BikeExif

Created by the industrial design company Kiska, they’re designed to gauge public reaction before possible production. There are two machines: the Vit Pilen (“White Arrow” in Swedish) and the Svart Pilen (Black Arrow). They take their inspiration from the famed Silver Pilen of 1955—a machine that was lighter, smaller and faster than its competitors.

401 Svart Pilen The Svart pays homage to the rich off-road heritage of Husqvarna. It’s still very much a road bike, but the ancillary components will make your life easier when the pavement ends. The muffler is mounted high, out of the way of rocks and debris. The headlamp has an integrated cage that fully encloses the bowl: it’s the old headlamp grill reinterpreted in a modern way. The solo seat has a grippy texture and makes room for a small utility rack at the back.
There’s a matching rack on the tank, giving the rider multiple storage options for longer off-road trips.

01 Vit Pilen “This model is meant to show how simple and pure a roadbike can be,” says Björn. The rearsets give maximum clearance in the corners, and clip-ons are mounted to stout triple clamps. A neat detail: the clamp bolts are installed from the front, allowing the surfaces to be as clean as possible. Even the headlight holder is integrated into the clamps, which also support the digital display. 

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