martes, 23 de julio de 2013

GOODWOOD + 50 Years of PORSCHE 911 + Gerry Judah

GOODWOOD + 50 Years of PORSCHE 911+ Gerry Judah 

The structure features three iconic generations of Porsche 911, secured onto the end of 35 metre-long hollow steel plates that have been welded together. It weighs just over 22 tonnes and each leg slims down at the base, becoming narrow enough for a person to wrap their hands around.
"I had to create a sculpture which personifies the energy and excitement of the car and the Festival of Speed," Judah told Dezeen. "The 911 is a fantastic shape, so I had to think 'You can't deconstruct or embellish it'; so in this context the sculpture had to provide the right platform for the car to soar up and shine in the sky".

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